Hands On Learning

We know that the best way for anyone to learn anything, is to do it practically. We teach our students how to do what is necessary in team environment and on their own. While theory is still a large part of our curriculum, their results are obtained through the successful practical application of theory. We have up to date software and our hardware is regularly maintained to ensure there are enough working computers for all the students in each class.

Visual Learning Aids

Children respond well to visual stimulation. The combination of our visual and theoretical teaching practise greatly advances the speed at which information is absorbed by young minds. We keep our learning sessions short and concise. Regular beaks between classes ensure that the youngsters get to stretch their legs form class to class and get some fresh air to rejuvinate the grey matter. We do all we can to capture their attention and make sure they stay focused on the topic at hand. All teachers are available to answer your questions. Forward an email to the relevant teacher for timely response. To find the relevant teacher's email address, please click on the about us page and find the staff profile of the teacher that you would like to speak to and email them directly.

Dining Area For Staff

Children need to get plenty of fresh air and play outside. Our grounds are secure and there is always someone keeping an eye over them to ensure there are no problems. While the youngsters are out playing and enjoying the sun, you can rest assured. The teachers/tutors responsible for teaching them are able to have a meal and other refereshments to help them stay refreshed and focused. Keeping our teachers/tutors satisfied and focused is our main concern. They have the great honour and responsibility of educating our future leaders!